I pulled an “Alexa” for quick peanut butter frosting for 2 cupcakes.

Imperfect cupcakes don’t care what frosting they get, as long as it’s some.

Man oh man. Today I quickly baked a batch of Gratitude cookies* for the two maintenance men who arrived this morning to repair a broken U pipe under the kitchen sink, replace and hook up two broken elements on the old stove and install weather-stripping around the door.

I put all three of the requests in on Saturday when I found the leak as I was pulling out the muffin tin from the cupboard under the sink where I keep all of the various pans and racks for baking.  I diagnosed the leak with me trusty flashlight and noted that it wasn’t an emergency. Since I know the property management company is two years behind on maintenance, I didn’t expect quick results, let alone all three in one go on the following Monday morning. It’s only natural that I’d bake them something warm for their lunches in such a situation.

And so I made a single batch while they were here, one cookie sheet, and sent both chaps out the door with six warm cookies for each of them. No leftovers.


Over the course of the past couple hours since they left, I’ve been inhaling the comforting aroma of those cookies and my sweet tooth was activated such that I couldn’t shut it off. Then I remembered that there were a couple leftover, imperfect, Crazy Cake chocolate cupcakes wrapped in the freezer, and that I have peanut butter in the cupboard.

It’s like this: I know someone named Alexa who was extremely fond of peanut butter frosting, fond enough that she would stir up a little bowlful of it to enjoy al fresco, alone, with a spoon. Couple raggedy cupcakes need a little frosting? Hello, tablespoon of peanut butter, a teaspoon of butter, a little milk and some icing sugar. How’d you like to frost something?

Some fall colors & Somali spoons on my kitchen table


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