Revised & New! Raspberry Jones for a Birthday


I had a first go at this cookie a number of years ago for Mother and the Old Buck’s 50th wedding anniversary, along with the huge Mexican chocolate cake I made for the same occasion. Then, last week a package of freeze-dried, unsweetened, unsulfured raspberries in Trader Joe’s caught my eye and I decided to make my Raspberry Joneses with even more raspberry.

juliyya’s Raspberry Jones

These are the most difficult of my artisan Joneses, requiring four separate processes including a batch of fresh raspberry sauce/filling for the frosting, but today is the birthday of one of my little girlie friends who cannot pass the raspberry bushes in the yard during the season without snagging a handful.  That’s a sure sign of raspberry love.

Raspberry and more raspberry

Since I made Sprinkles Jones* earlier this year for her older sister** and we will jointly be making another Snowman cake*** for the bigger celebration in December, it was decided to continue the birthday cookie tradition I’ve initiated for other than cake-and- party day.  It still includes placement of candles, wishes and whooosh.

Just outside my window a few minutes ago




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