Happy Birthday, Cousin. Here’s the AliceMarie Lavender Trio

Branded lavender-infused cane sugar

I like to make my own infused sugars for baked goods, but a kind lady gifted me with a bag of commercially produced lavender sugar and that meant find a use or two for it. It just so happened that my cousin — who sent me the bottles of Royal Velvet culinary lavender which led me down the experimenting-with-lavender goodies — is having a special birthday on the 25th. I decided to use the gift, leaving in the pieces of buds that I usually sieve out, and surprise her with her very own trio.


I made and mailed her a gift box of what I’ve come to call the AliceMarie Lavender Trio. This time it included some each of my Lavender Caramels* and Lavender Butter Cookies**, made with the gifted, infused lavender sugar, as well as some Lavender Mini Teacakes*** made with my own infused lavender confectionery.

Lavender cookies and caramel all over the place!

And a little gift box to the giftor.

Thank you, person who knows this tin.




Happy Birthday, AliceMarie!

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