It’s A Mystery. My Birthday Cake.

Mystery Cake gets out of the bag tomorrow.

What is it? Guesses will be accepted excepting those who know. All will be revealed tomorrow in the update. Tonight, WordPress imposes a deadline. It’s my favorite non-chocolate cake of my youth, almost precisely as I yearly asked for it. The only change is knowledge, as in I learned something new about making it this year.

the secret
This cake is going to ripen overnight.

Some guests will be dropping in for a slice over the course of the day.

Banana Walnut Cake with Creamy Nut Icing

Actually, I learned more than one thing. One is that I won’t make the frosting again because shortening in frosting offends my palate. That’s all there is to it. However, what I set out to learn was whether Grandmother’s frosting recipe would indeed hold chopped walnuts and be spreadable.

Her instructions were minimal. Make the flour/milk goop and cool it. Beat granulated sugar and shortening until fluffy, then add the goop and a cup of confectioner’s sugar, then beat ’til creamy, add the nuts and frost.

The answer was yes. I cut the frosting in half, added walnuts to that half and lo! It spread easily. In case in didn’t work, the reserved half got the top and sides. Nice to know, but adieu to that frosting.

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