Raspberry & Peach Ice Cream Duo

Fresh Raspberry and Roasted Peach Ice Creams coming up

A friend for whom I make birthday goody said that she’d like ice cream this year, raspberry* or peach. I’ve had it in my mind to make something like this, so I did. The photos actually tell the story of a peachy Melba ice cream.

Raspberry and Roasted Peach Ice Creams, almost
See what got done? Scoop this, scoop that, then freeze and scoop again.
The effort deserved the closeup, even with wilting mint garnish.

First day of fall, but there was summer left in it.


*https://mschefinseattle.com/2015/11/25/raspberries-and-cranberries-already-great-made-great-again/  My original recipe for the raspberry ice cream is in that post. Since then, I’ve made and posted here about making it with a blackberry ripple, also with hot fudge, also with less heavy whip, using regular whip and half-and-half. It’s excellent no matter which.

Next time, I won’t roast the peaches, which I did because I roast the apricots for apricot ice cream. Habit, I guess.

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