Royal Velvet Lavender Caramels

Royal Velvet Lavender Caramel

I’ve had a bee in my bonnet about making lavender caramels ever since my cousin sent me some Royal Velvet culinary lavender and I began making flavored sugars with it. Yesterday I sifted out the lavender buds from the caster sugar they’ve been infusing and turned the sugar into a heavy pan and spent a lot more time stirring than I’d expected. The former chemistry student in me said something about the oil in the lavender sugar slowed operations down vs. melting pure cane sugar to the desired color of caramelization.

Blurry, sorry, but they’re ready for individual wrappers.


Now that they’re done, I’m quite happy with the results of yet another caramel made without corn syrup, and definitely lavender. I sent out two packages of Christmas goodies today with them in the tin, and I’ve saved out several for a future cookie experimentation because that’s what I do.

And the holly berry tree, now featuring berries everywhere on the ground as well as hanging prettily in the tree.


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