Lavender Butter Cookies

Lavender Butter Cookies

My mother’s birthday is tomorrow and my acknowledgment is always something that I make for her. I do the same thing for the other holidays. Some years I paint a card; she likes and saves them. Other years I bake a goodie of some sort. She’s very fond of crispy butter cookies and I had some culinary lavender castor sugar* that was matured. It was a worthwhile experiment according to me and testers in the neighborhood. I prepped the dough last night, baked the cookies this morning, watched the support structure for a new roof being lifted by a crane around lunchtime, then off to the post office to mail them. She will get them on her birthday, share one or two and then hide them in her bedroom. I’m pretty sure about that.

I want to name these cookies after my cousin who sent me the culinary lavender. We’ll see what she says.

*Two fluffy teaspoons of culinary lavender in a lidded jar with one cup castor sugar. Shake it every once in awhile. It’s ready for use in about two weeks, but mine usually sits for a month or more until I’m ready to bake something with it.

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