Jam. More Jam. Apricot. Plum.

Jams, for goodness sake.

On Sunday at the Ballard Farmers Market, I got some apricots and plums fresh-picked from the Martin Family Orchards in Orondo, Washington, to make both of my favorite cooked, non-pectin jams. I stirred them (for what seemed like hours) on Monday and supervised cookie-baking and water-coloring while I was “hosting” two neighborhood children all day long as their father dealt with a big construction mess. (“Hosting” is the new word for free babysitting. “Can you host?”)

Better view of bird hand-painted on Peepal Tree leaf from India

I helped my mother with the preserving of all sorts of fruits and berries via canning and jam and jelly-making while growing up, just like the generations before me. I don’t use corn syrup, though, by choice. Mother still makes the frozen jams loaded up with that high-fructose junk. Granted, it’s easier to prepare. Give me fruit, lemon juice and sugar and some extended stirring on/off over low heat. Toast and jam!

And a couple “Wall Shots”



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