Vanilla Snicks with Lavender Caramel Accents

juliyya’s Vanilla Snicks with Lavender Caramel Accents

We’re having a Winter Social on Sunday afternoon in the neighborhood, an annual event for many and a first for me on my one year anniversary of the move to Seattle. I attended the Seattle Night Out* block party last August, took along three items and met some neighbors new to me. The upcoming Social will be inside rather than on our sidewalks, provide opportunities to meet others and maybe see the new baby on the block.

The hostess requested appetizers or drinks from guests for the potluck, so I’m making a hot, cheesy sourdough appetizer (maybe it will deserve its own post). However, I cannot go to a party without bearing sweets, I had some leftover Hershey’s Mint Truffles which needed using, so I made a batch of Snicks with Kisses ** for the kiddies and any grownups who might want a cookie.

When the Kisses were all inside a dough ball, I conducted a previously-planned experiment with the remaining bit of dough. I cut some of my Royal Velvet Lavender Caramels*** into pieces and made a Snicks with Accents test. Longtime readers may remember my Lemon Snicks with Honey Caramel Accents.**** Well …Vanilla Snicks with Lavender Caramel Accents passed the test! Even a small batch test is sometimes enough. Leaked caramel didn’t burn, by the way, and I’m pretty sure that the “I want this one” request was operative with the family that tested them for dessert tonight.

Something sweet, something savory, and a lovely camelia in the Seattle rain:

Camelia in the Seattle rain





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