Hot & Cheesy Sourdough Squares

Montana Sourdough bread chunks await cheesy frosting

Years ago at an annual November arts and crafts show in Edmonds, I had my first buttery, cheesy, crispy square and knew they’d enter my appetizer menu, especially after I bought the cookbook which included the recipe. What made the show special for me and why I went again every year thereafter was the appetizers, hot and cold, some old and some new. The $2.00 price of admission? Well worth it. Cheap, really.

I’ve made them many times since then, first following the recipe in their cookbook (also cheap, also worth it.) However, after finding it difficult to locate one of the three ingredients, namely a *Pullman loaf, I began substituting my own sourdough bread for the commercial product when I couldn’t find it. Sourdough works fine and has the additional health benefit of being mostly whole wheat instead of all-purpose flour.

The crust is cut off a loaf of day-old unsliced bread, which is then cut in 1 1/4″ slices and quartered. The top and sides are frosted with a butter-and-cheese spread, then they’re refrigerated until 15 minutes before time to eat them warm. 400 degrees.


*By the way, I found it surprising — when speaking to bakery personnel in two different huge grocery stores this week — that none, not a single one of them, ever even heard of a Pullman loaf. It is a loaf of white bread that is flat on all four sides, unsliced and thus easy to de-crust and use for stacked or rolled sandwiches and appetizers. It makes a very soft and crunchy version as offered at the art show.

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