Sourdough Saturday: Flatbread & Walnut Sticks

Sourdough Flatbread with goodies

Two sourdough starters in the fridge need regular tending, so with a bit of this and that in the fridge I decided to bake three items. The sourdough flatbread was first spread with warm, just-caramelized yellow onions, a bit of ham pieces and crumbled cheddar-jack left from one of the protein snacks. Notice the attention to detail. Art.

A small dinner loaf and walnut sticks with the cinnamon caramel glaze were a little thank you to a helpful neighbor. I wasn’t sure if the bread was done throughout because I used both shelves in the gas oven today, had to switch pans and such about three-quarters of the way through, and had the flatbread and the dinner loaf on the same sheet. Since I gave the bread away with the warning, I don’t expect that I will hear back an “uh-oh, not done” because they can feed it to the chickens and it won’t be wasted. If the chickens don’t want it, there’s always the compost.

Small loaf sourdough bread with walnut sticks

And for me, a cup of tea and one of the mini walnut sticks, although they don’t look mini in their closeup. Love me some caramelized walnuts.

Tea and two walnut sticks, one for me

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