Cookie Dough Stravaganza

My Four Doughs

I’m traveling to Portland with my daughter this weekend to visit with long-time friends for both of us. My dearest friend all the way back to University of Washington years, then U.K. years, is over for a short holiday from Herts.

We have oodles to discuss including, wait for it, some of my artisan-made cookies and their future entry into the market. She’s not had a single one of the cookies I’ve developed since returning to the U.S. in 1985. In remedy I will be taking along samples of four of my signature cookies which today’s dough extravaganza photos indicate will be on offer. There will be three of my Joneses:  Limey*; Chocolate**; and Rum-Raisin***. Spiced Snicks with Molasses Caramel Accents **** was my choice of the Snicks, as were the others when my friend opted out of decision-making with “Surprise me.” She’s also an excellent baker, but I’m sure at least one will be a surprise.

Doughs for juliyya’s Rum-Raisin, Limey, Chocolate Jones and Spiced Snicks

Despite being soft cookies, my Joneses do not have similar doughs other than there being some of the same ingredients in all of them. The ratios and processes are different, but in the end there is dough. Lovely dough.

While I resist the old habit of tasting the doughs, perhaps they would’ve been safe to taste since the eggs were courtesy of a few chickens living in luxury in a coop with a yard and a safe run, just across the street. Freshest eggs possible made for some beautiful fluffy egg-and-sugar moments. I love those. Today, the art of doughs. Tomorrow … the bake. Two icings. One filling. Four fantastic cookies. (At least.)





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