j’s Rum Raisin Jones, another Star

juliyya’s Rum Raisin Joneses

The golden raisins in these cookies were DRUNK when added to the batter, having marinated in Jamaican Rum for a year (and it’s time to put some fresh raisins in the jar for next year.) It’s my understanding that the alcohol bakes out, but do know that this cookie has had a drinking habit. No fault of its own.

Raisins in the dough, Jamaican Rum in the jar

These have a palate-pleasing brown sugar cream icing. One expects sweetness. The saltiness is unexpected and ever so welcome.

When you’re Jonesing for Rum Raisin, these hit the spot. Some like it choc; some not.

My first edition of these original cookies included toasted walnuts, roasted coconut and chocolate chips. Those extras don’t have appeal for some who like the flavor of these cookies, so I leave them out at Christmas. When MsChef in Seattle’s cookies become available in little shops (hopefully,) my Loaded Rum Raisin Joneses will be included in an occasional menu.

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