juliyya’s Chocolate Joneses, truly a Star

juliyya’s Chocolate Jones, the original

In Santa Monica, not far from McCabe’s Guitar Shop where I was taking a class, there was a small chocolate shop with the best chocolate cookie that I’d ever had in my life. As a sincere believer that chocolate is a food group, I made sure to have them often enough to sustain life.  The shop owner would not share her recipe and I don’t blame her because it took me almost two years to develop my own. These aren’t chocolate crinkles, either, as some have suggested when looking at them. Nope. They have to gel.

It occurred to me one day that the reason I had to have this cookie was that I was Jonesing for deep, dark chocolate, and thus the beginning of cookies with flavors that I and others have a Jones for. This year … the original, a true star, for Christmas. Next year … almost anytime.


4 thoughts on “juliyya’s Chocolate Joneses, truly a Star

  1. Season’s Greetings! I am the driver you searched high and low for. As soon as I got to Edmonds I broke open the tin (just to admire the contents as pieces of art) and found myself staring at that big chocolate cookie.

    At first I thought I should save it, but ended up enjoying every indulgent morsel.

    Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful during such a busy time of year. Especially considering I did not make it easy for you to find me 😉

    Thanks again and Merry Christmas,


    1. It was my pleasure. Forgot to tell you that I recommend a few seconds in the microwave for the Ginger Snicks with Molasses Caramel filling. You new year will include testing cookies!

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