Ginger Snicks with Molasses Caramel Filling, Star of The Day

IMG_1907_1 Ginger Snicks
juliyya’s Ginger Snicks with Molasses Caramel Filling, V. 1 and 2

It may be a good thing that today I sent a big handful of the wrapped Molasses Caramels to my mother and a few to my downstairs neighbors. Why? All the rest of the wrapped caramels are going to be unwrapped and repurposed.

The caramels are indeed intensely flavored, which means that their appeal is limited, and I had second thoughts about using the caramel to fill a spicy snickerdoodle. Perhaps the addition of a smidgen of cream would decrease the intensity? So I tried it on a single batch scale, but the result was caramel ooze from the majority of 12, with three sending out enough goo onto the parchment to burn. So, rejected. Sorry.

Yet the taste combination of spicy dough with the molasses caramel was out of this world. I decided to go the full monty, cut pieces of caramel and leave out the cream. The result is everything I hoped, and the second try was definitely the star of today’s bake.

The Star, juliyya’s Ginger Snicks

My neighbors will happily help out with the rejects. While this cookie will not make it into wide distribution until next year, if you know that you’re on The List this year and you let me know that you’d like to try this special Snick, you know what to do. Next year? Different story.


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