Happy Belated National Flutternutter Day; Correction, not NutterButters


October 8th, I found out, is National Fluffernutter Day in the U.S., meaning some folks lobbied some members of our federal legislators in order to get a day declared specifically to celebrate fluffernutters. If the lobbying was done with cookies, well … good on them.

I didn’t know what a fluffernutter was when I read that it was National Fluffernutter Day. Do you? After a narrow search, I widened it to include recipes and found there are umpteen, all with two things in common: some type of peanut butter cookie and some type of marshmallow or fluffy marshmallow creme, the two items put together in various ways.

6 on a cookie sheet because they double in size in the oven

Sometimes the marshmallow creme is sandwiched between a couple peanut butter cookies, which, if homemade anyway, is very messy and would not pack or carry well when it’s time for distribution. Sometimes mini-marshmallows are put into the batter. Sometimes full-sized or mini-marshmallows are put on a partially-baked cookie similar to the Smookie Marshookie Fold-Overs* that I made earlier this year. Sometimes … well, this:  fluffy marshmallow creme finds its way into the middle of dough before baking. This is my pleasure, a filled cookie instead of a sandwich cookie.

Gooey marshmallow creme filling covered with more dough

This was a small batch test for celebrating the fluffernutter. I didn’t experiment with the cookies on their national day because we were having rain-wind-thunder-and-lightning. I prefer to deliver fresh cookies to my chosen recipients and the weather got in the way of my walking over to the old hood. Today the weather is perfect for a walkabout.

There ya’ go. Fake nutterbutters and who cares? Sun shines on my cookies ⇑

I discovered that I had no peanut butter in my kitchen, that what I bought at Trader Joe’s last week is peanut butter spread. (Next time labels will be more carefully read.) I knew it would change something in the cookie since the spread has powdered sugar in it, but I went ahead anyway. (I will have to make these again to use the rest of the peanut spread. The cookie was definitely peanut butter in the main, the kind I like to make and another that my mother enjoys.)

The 62% indoor humidity this morning also got in the way of making homemade Fluff, so I went with the commercial marshmallow creme from the pantry (which was meant for birthday fudge in the middle of July but the 39 y.o. birthday girl couldn’t bother to respond to my request that someone meet me downtown to collect it, so I didn’t bother to make it.) At a minimum, there IS a crunchy and chewy cookie and the Fluffernutter purists won’t be looking at this blog anyway. I called mine Nutterbutters, in error. They’re Faux Fluffernutters.



Bee happy.

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