Hershey’s Kisses & Hugs in Various Thumbprint Cookies

Pretty little cookies with Hershey’s candies

A couple months ago I saw a photograph of the Molasses Gingerbread Kiss Cookie* and saved the recipe in my bookmarks. Not long thereafter my neighbor was heading off to the store and I wasn’t able to go but asked her to get me the Hershey’s Kiss with stripes. While I was thinking of the milk chocolate Hershey’s Hug, I didn’t know the name and she brought me the White Chocolate Peppermint Kiss** seen in the photo. Fortunately, the same source for the molasses recipe also had a thumbprint-type recipe for the pretty red and white candy, too, sitting on a chewy vanilla cookie base.

Gratitude cookies for doctor’s office and transport crew



They’re more chewy than gingerbread characters, the spice mix is perfect and Hershey’s Hug is charming.
ART SHOT: Silver and Brass on Red Velvet



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