New!New!New! juliyya’s Wich. First 3 flavors of a buttery sandwich cookie.

juliyya’s Wich: Browned Butter Version

I’ve delayed making my version of sandwich cookies for a long time, maybe 25 years of delay. Why? Because the wire racks look like they’re full of cookies when they’ve come out of the oven and are cooling, then the frosting is applied and suddenly there’s half as many cookies! Make 80 cookies and get 40. If the number of people who get some of them is more than a few, where’s mine?

Nevermind, I had an idea for the “outer cookie” a few days ago and was thinking about browned butter frosting at the same time, so I went with it and my first Wich was born. (I did a trademark search already. These will be “juliyya’s Wich” so I’m not infringing any of the 15 or so active marks using “wich” for sandwich, etc.)

juliyya’s Wich: Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate versions

Last night as I was attempting to get to sleep, my baking self was nagging at me: try peanut butter frosting in the middle; try dark chocolate frosting in the middle. Today, I got up early to ease my mind and made the cookie part before the expected heat of the day. Then there was the fun of sandwiching creamy frostings with cookie.

Sylvia’s lilies

Frankly, though. A 3D-printer or robot would be welcomed by my perfectionist self. These may look larger in the photos than they are, which is approximately 1 3/4″ in diameter, maybe four bites for a lady to savor or two bites for the impatient eater, but they’re a winner for folks who like a buttery sandwich cookie with buttery frostings.

Bee happy
Cookie basket for Mother’s Father Day guests & for hoarding

I sent my mother a huge batch of Ranch cookies — old family favorite with oatmeal, crispy rice, dates, cranberries, golden raisins and walnuts — and also some of my new Maple Pecan Butter Cookies (no post) and most of the first batch of the Browned Butter Wich cookies. That way she’s got some to share (the Ranch cookies) and some to hide in her bedroom drawer and munch when no one else is around. I know my mum.

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