Mini Lava Cake Brownies

1 tablespoon batter, 1 upside down Kiss, 15 minutes at 350

It’s been a very busy baking day getting ready for a Celebration of Life tomorrow afternoon for my late friend and previous landlord, Mark. It’s going to be a potluck and my usual contribution to those is a dessert, but I decided to make multiple things. There will be a half sheet deluxe carrot cake with roasted walnuts, toasted coconut, crushed pineapple and a brown sugar cream cheese frosting.

Today began with a small pan of plain brownies and then two-and-a-half pans of these cute mini brownies with a Hershey’s Lava Kiss in the middle. In my opinion, brownies are better the day after they’re made, so I didn’t mind taking a bit of extra time to make the minis and wait for each panful to cool before I could remove them from the tin and bake the next batch. (Maybe another mini tin might be acquired. I’m thinking about it.)

Lava Kisses sink into the mini brownies.

I plated the two brownie types along with some chocolate mini teacakes.*

Daphne and Pussy Willows

If the reader wants to attempt these brownies, it will be necessary to rush right out and hunt for the Hershey’s Lava Kisses as they’ve mostly disappeared from the shelves. Hershey’s puts them out for Valentine’s Day. I bought two bags of them, used one bag of around 40 pieces to put inside the Mocha Snicks* and didn’t know what I’d do with the second bag. Then I read Hershey’s recipe for lava cake brownies on the back of the package, said hmmm and decided to use my own brownie recipe and downsize from custard-cup size to the minis.

The candy itself has a dark chocolate shell and a creamy chocolate filling so the frosting is basically inside the brownie. Nothing wrong with that.


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