2 New! Mocha Snicks with Lava Cake Kisses & Chocolate Mini Teacakes

Saw these and knew they must be in a Snick

Valentine’s Day is this week and just when I was at the grocers thinking about which cookies to make and mail to Mother for the holiday, I saw that Hershey’s has a new offering complete with “Buy-Me” hearts on a pink package. I couldn’t resist as my thoughts went quickly to a new Snick even though the mocha flavor is one I’ve long resisted in my cookies with one notable exception among my Joneses.

Chocolate Mini Teacakes before enrobing

The second cookie is testing for the mini teacakes line. They’re not flavored mocha or cinnamon, but stand-alone chocolate. They’re adorable when they get their robe on.

One filled Snick melted in baking. Sneaky little thing wanted to be in solo photo.
Chocolate Mini Teacakes & Mocha Snicks with Kisses. Lots of love there.
Gooey closeup.  Cookie passed all the tests.

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