New! Maple Pecan Praline Joneses with Maple Penuche Frosting

These are the most labor-intensive and time-taking of my Joneses, but I knew they would be when I dreamt about making them. Using the maple pecan pralines* I made a couple days ago in the batter and the maple penuche frosting brings an exquisite cookie for a special occasion.


This one is in honor of my engineer niece who loves penuche frosting and I’m serving it to family potluck at my mother’s 90th birthday party.

2 dozen to go
See those chunks of maple pecan pralines in there?


Bee Happy

Update 13 July in Seattle: These were a huge success. Not a one was wasted and some people were a bit greedy such that others got none, but that’s what happens when the word gets out (and at least one person in the family who read my blog knew just what to look for.)

Non-family have said it’s the best cookie ever, so I guess if a person is Jonesing for a deliciously fragrant, soft and frosted cookie with all sorts of maple pecan goodness, they might want a dozen of these. The cookie is undergoing its second crucial test currently and my fingers are crossed because the next cookie I’ve got planned for my Nutty Joneses depends on the answer to that test.


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