Mother’s 90th Birthday Party Potluck

Pot lucks because that’s how the family does gatherings for every occasion. Everybody brings something, usually made by hand. Lots of salads and barbecue and desserts. My mother’s birthday in on July 6th, a Saturday this year and also on a day which is part of a lengthy holiday weekend so some folks may miss it.

Sauerkraut salad

The weather is supposed to be fair and the foot ferry will take my daughter and me across the Sound carrying a sauerkraut salad (post coming up about it soon,) a loaf of my sourdough rye bread, a not-fancy birthday cake with a favorite frosting, some very fancy cookies and some cute mini-cupcakes. I was busy today!

Giant loaf of sourdough rye bread
Crazy Cake with Peppermint Cream Jones Frosting
Cake, cupcakes, cookies, bread. Salad in fridge.

The cookie is my new Maple Pecan Praline Jones*. Because some folks may not prefer pecans but do enjoy maple penuche, the mini cupcakes are frosted with it.

Bee happy. Two bees happy.





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