Maple Pecan Pralines

I’m working on a new cookie for my Joneses, the start of a line within a line to be called juliyya’s Nutty Joneses. In common with all the others, the cookies will be soft and rich and have a specific frosting. Not in common: I leave it to the reader.

There is no better place to test a serious cookie than at a family event and my mother’s 90th birthday is coming up in a few days, so I decided to add a tin of cookies to a cake and sauerkraut salad I’m taking to the party. This is the start of the new cookie.

You know … brown sugar, cream, butter, pecans, etc.

This was the first time I’ve made maple pecan pralines or any pralines. I looked at a lot of recipes and decided on one that I could change to suit my purposes. It sets up very quickly at the end, sort of like Betty Christensen’s chocolate fudge frosting, but it didn’t matter that there were not same-sized clusters of molten goo. They’re for a cookie.

Maple Pecan Praline Clusters

To be continued …

Bees happy, lots of bees happy in Sylvia’s garden (I see 4.)
Giant Scottish thistle has colorful friends which don’t mind.



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