A Jam of Cherries

Candy thermometer for perfectly set jam!

It’s Washington State cherry season. A quart of pips-out, split dark cherries, 2 cups of sugar, 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice macerated at room temperature for three hours and then an hour of constant stirring over medium low heat to 220 degrees Fahrenheit yields merely two jars (3 cups) of heavenly jam.



Wish I’d made more, but it was a first-timer so I made a small batch and before one can say boo-tickeddy, it’ll be time to make a different kind of takes-forever-but-there’s-no-corn-syrup-or-packaged-pectin-in-my-jams jam. Summer fruits and jams. Love it.

Cherries, lots of cherries in jam on a biscuit.

I made biscuits very early this morning just for the jam, and then walked a few with the half-pint of jam over to Sylvia’s house where I shot one of her Scottish thistles.

6′ tall Scottish thistle


Bee happy.


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