Chemistry? Egg whites, canned milk, baking powder biscuits & Cranberry Lolly scones.

The decision was made. 2 bowls, 2 products.

If you’ve made a German chocolate cake, then you know it takes 8 egg yolks and 4 egg whites with 4 egg whites left over, leaving a decision to be made for using the extra whites. I decided to substitute half of them for an egg in each of two batches of Super speedy baking powder biscuits* this morning. Doing this means the fat content and thus the chemistry of baking would be affected since the egg yolks normally provide a portion of the fat in the biscuits, so a “bit” more fat is necessary to restore the balance.

It’s also Thanksgiving week and I don’t want to go to the stores when they’ll be crowded with folks getting ready for holiday cooking, and that means I didn’t want to deplete the milk supply to make unplanned-for biscuits. Thank you, handy canned milk with your fat content being just that “bit” extra needed for this experiment.


However, 4 egg whites is too much for a single batch of biscuits and I impose a one-oven-shelf-at-a-time rule for trays at 425 degrees and a short baking time. Solution? Prep the dry ingredients for two batches into separate bowls. Make a batch of regular B.P. biscuits and while they’re baking for 12 minutes, mix up a batch of Cranberry Lolly & Orange scones and some fresh orange frosting. Voila! Breakfast biscuits and scones for tea or dessert for a week or so and no trip to the store for milk. Hello, freezer.

For art’s sake.


I’m ready for tea time and it’s only 9 AM.

Yes, these biscuits and scones are double-sized and dropped, not rolled.

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