Great Grandmother’s 6-Minute (haha) Strawberry Preserves


I grew up making these strawberry preserves in the summers with my mother, standing at the sink, washing and hulling strawberries, leaving them whole, then by some magic in more than a few minutes filling a big stainless steel tub with berries in a thick syrup to cool, also to pluck a whole berry from the goo still warm when nobody’s looking.


I’d called my mother earlier today to ask what the yield is when making the full recipe because I don’t need a tub. She hasn’t made it in years, opting to make the frozen type instead, so I just decided to make a 4-cup batch and I will send her a pint for the memories.

It takes more than six minutes, too, but every minute is worth it. Even the foam on the top had a welcome. My favorite thing about this recipe is that it’s a syrupy preserve so it’s great on vanilla ice cream and I got this for dinner after the effort:

Berries and sugar and love = yum
Bee Happy


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