New! juliyya’s Peppermint Patties & Minis

juliyya’s Peppermint Patties & Peppermint Mini Teacakes

My cousin in Idaho is having a birthday next week and my mother recently did me a favor, so another cookie experiment for my Mini-teacake patties and/or peppermint cookie lines popped into mind for gifts. They are a success, a delicate mint and buttery melt-in-one-bite bit of goodness.

Ruler and piece of candy illustrate size of these beauties

I had quite a bit of fun making these today and two boxes of goodies will get mailed tomorrow. Don’t they look gorgeous?


One bite cookies, except for the scone-shaped-I-had-a-small-piece-of-dough-left-and-couldn’t-waste-it cookies that I smeared with chocolate but had not rolled in confectioner’s sugar. The dough isn’t sweet, so I don’t know how those will taste with the bittersweet chocolate, haven’t tried one yet, waiting to see how they “overnight.”


There will be a few samples heading over to the friends in the old hood, too, as I’m joining some for dinner and catch-up.

Bee happy

I did a little trademark search because there’s a certain famous cartoon character as well as a ubiquitous branded dark chocolate covered mint patty. Both have trademarks. My patties are different and cannot be mistaken for either of those, in addition to which they bear my name and logo.

Lady Lolita Vandenbug put her stamp of approval on these
Lady Lolita Vandenbug put her stamp of approval on these, too.

I don’t think the chocolate decorated patties will travel well in the mail. We’ll see. They will be fine and dandy on a plate to friends, however, including those who brought me my all-time favorite commercial cake* for my birthday last week.


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