I Love … Birthdays. August 29th is Rose’s.

Bee happy (birthday.)

The internet was down all afternoon, so I popped outside with the rubbish and heard some ladies singing the old standard birthday song.

“Whose birthday is it?” I called from outside the window where the jubilee for 30 years on planet Earth was happening.

“It’s Rose’s!” She and several of her friends came to greet me outside the door and I definitely expressed surprise at not being in the know since the lovely Rose is one of my new neighbors. She turned 30 on the 29th.

“Where’s the cake?” I asked. There was NO cake! Rose’s mother is coming for a visit next week to celebrate, so I determined right then and there that I would dash back upstairs and make what’s the go-to standard in this house, the fastest non-box cake in the west, and have it ready when the birthday troupe returns from a Mexican dinner.

Chocolate (Crazy Cake) with Cream Cheese Frosting

Lady Lolita Vandenbug is also Rose’s acquaintance and flew onto her cake, sorta.


I saw Lolita’s friend in the neighborhood, twice now, but only got one shot, a birthday shot for Rose of the reverse-colored gentleman bug.

Lolita’s friend, black bug with green dots

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