Triple Chocolate Birthday Cake

Split layer with 1-Minute Fudge Filling, while Sour Cream Chocolate Frosting awaits

The 17th of January is the birthday of my youngest brother, 10 years younger than me (the oldest of six.) Since he lives in my mother’s home and helps to care for her and the property, she would have baked a cake for his birthday. However, she’s recovering from a surgery at a rehab facility on Bainbridge Island and couldn’t be home to bake, so I decided to do what she cannot presently do. He is unaware that I did this, so she will be able to celebrate his birthday with him and share the deliciousness with the staff who care for her and have to look at it sitting in the cake carrier until then. (It was a bit of a challenge getting the (heavy) cake to the facility, but that’s another story.)

It’s the brown-sugar Ellensburg Chocolate Cake which is split in the picture. Then, because I had plenty of time, I made my grandmother’s One-Minute Fudge Frosting for two of the layers and a full batch of Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting for the other two layers and the outside. Triple chocolate cake for brother needed decorating, eh?


I laughed at the “One-Minute” part of the cooked fudge frosting/filling. It’s a bit like her Six-Minute Strawberry Preserves.* There’s definitely one minute of something in the frosting, namely, how long the cream and sugar proceed on a full rolling boil. Getting to that point and then beating it with the mixer adds another 30 minutes. Never mind. It provides a bit of a different taste in a bite than does the other frosting and then I can call it Triple Chocolate.


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