2. New! juliyya’s Seattle Espresso Salted Caramels

juliyya’s Seattle Espresso Salted Caramels, ready to cut

I’ve been thinking about making my corn-syrup-free caramels with a bit of espresso for a while, and since I make some kind of caramel for the Christmas goody bags, 2017 has become the year for another original candy from my kitchen.

Lolita Vandenbug surveys the wrapping

Homemade caramels, soft, so full of flavor, so Mmm. First the molasses. Then the honey. Then the Royal Velvet lavender.  Now Seattle Espresso, delicately sprinkled with Pink Himalayan Salt. No chocolate covering, just pure caramels to slowly melt on the roof of the mouth, a teeny taste of salt here and there to offset the bitter and the sweet. I’m so glad to have a new member of my caramel family.

Christmas players admire a Fenton bowl full of wrapped caramels

2nd Christmas goody, done.




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