Blackberry Pie & Blackberry Ice Cream for a belated birthday

Big bowl of blackberries picked, frozen in September. What’s up?

Coincidences between events and the freezer began last week when I found out that I’d missed the birthday of one of the master gardeners whom I admire. I knew that he is quite fond of my blackberry ice cream and that, between his pie crust and my filling and ice cream, he, his wife and had I intended to have a blackberry dessert night. Due to timing, the joint effort had not yet come to pass and last week I began my Christmas baking lists, which included assessing the amount of freezer space available. Oops, there’s those blackberries taking up one-quarter of it.

What to do? Issue an invitation for dessert to the gardeners, make ice cream and pie.

En route to juliyya’s Blackberry Ice Cream. No seeds. More fruit than cream.

And the bubbly blackberry pie in a deep dish to go with the ice cream:

Looking down on a deep dish of blackberry pie?

Ready for a belated birthday and early Thanksgiving pie:

Pie and ice cream ready to bowl up.

And this morning, the flowers — gifted to me and the table by the happy recipients of a serving and leftovers — take pride of place on the empty table. So beautiful. Thanks to the gifters.

See how the colors match? Beautiful.

And now for some U.W. Huskies.

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