Apricot Ice Cream, aka Mishmish

Washington State summer apricots

I fancy a perfect apricot every summer and maybe find one or two which meet my definition of perfection in an apricot. Sweet and tart, creamy but not mushy, not green, not overripe. What to do with all the other apricots in the bag, for me, is either make boiled, not frozen, apricot jam (no pineapple! no other fruit!) and, of course, make ice cream.

Apricot ice cream tastes like the perfect fruit. Each bite is sweet, tart and creamy, and it doesn’t matter that some of the fruits are under or overripe for my recipe. Why?

Apricot, sugar and lemon mix ready to blend

Preparation is the why. Roasted in the oven, then cooled, blended and chilled before adding the creams. For those who love our fresh summer apricots and some cream:

The first taste. Oh boy!

A bowl for two and a couple Ginger Snicks with Molasses Caramel Accents * found their way to some wonderful gardeners. Cookies and cream.

juliyya’s Apricot Ice Cream, aka Mishmish

*https://mschefinseattle.com/2015/12/17/ginger-snicks-with-molasses-caramel-filling-star-of-the-day/  I had a few frozen dough balls ready to bake and decided today’s the day, especially for the gardeners. A teeny bit of their artistry:


Etc. Mishmish is the Arabic word for apricot. When I was a student at the University of Washington, studying Arabic in for-credit classes and belly dancing in for-fun classes, one of the local troupe performers had long strawberry blonde (apricot) hair and used the word for her stage name. Now it’s the only fruit name that I recall off top my head.

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