Molasses Caramels, Star of the Day

Hot Molasses Caramel, Awaiting Cool n Wrap

Christmas goodie-making time began on Monday night with an untried recipe which was a result of looking at half a dozen recipes for molasses caramels, choosing the one which appealed most because it doesn’t have corn syrup and having a go, changing it a bit.

My family loves molasses and also a dark caramel custard. I want to make a molasses caramel filling for a Spicy Snick coming up next, so this test suited that purpose, as well as teaching me the correct temperature on the candy thermometer to get a lovely, soft, bitter and sweet caramel with just the hint of salt.  Molasses and dark caramel. My mother loves it, so I’m sending her a few samples via snail mail tomorrow. She will be pleased not to wait until next week for Christmas goodies. Early start, that’s the ticket.

There was a bit left in the pan after I’d poured most of the molten contents into the pan. It was enough for a few caramels to be wrapped in wax paper on the Spode Blue Italian Leaf Tray which my friend Melinda gave me when I left England and she didn’t.

juliyya’s Molasses Caramels

Now find the star of the night in all that wrapped goodness.

One more thing. This year, with the exception of my mother, recipients of gift boxes are going to have to do a bit of work if they’re not familiar with the offerings. In the past, I’ve always handwritten cookie maps because there are at least a dozen selections in a box or tin. What to choose? Look at the cookies and candy and make a choice? Look at the map and identify it.

This year? Every cookie and candy will appear here. Don’t know one? Here it will be. Perhaps my daughter will help me to update the collage photo in time, remotely.

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