And today … Royal Velvet Lavender Caramels in the pan

Yep, it was the lavender sugar in the jar, infused since St. Patrick’s day and ready for cookies or caramels for the Christmas goody tins, made the answer to the question — what kind of caramels this year? — easy. Lavender is most definitely one of those yes-please or no-thank-you flavors, and for several people … More And today … Royal Velvet Lavender Caramels in the pan

Lavender Mini Teacakes

My cousin grows Royal Velvet culinary lavender and decorative lavender on the farm she and her husband share along a river in southeastern Idaho. She suggested that I might use the culinary lavender in my cookies and specifically in a cookie like the one I made today as the first experiment. Since I’ve a taste … More Lavender Mini Teacakes

Snicks with Kisses

One of my favorite nephews has recently begun a new job in Hawaii and will be moving his family there from Washington in the next week. His favorite of the the Christmas goodies is the Chewy Chocolate Mint, so I made a batch of the drop version just for him on Thursday so they’d be … More Snicks with Kisses

j’s Peppermint Cream Jones, huge Star

Leftover Christmas candy canes were the inspiration for these soft, cheesecakey and Heavenly peppermint cookies that everybody in my family wants (read: ¬†expects) in their tin of Christmas goodies. They are pink, BTW, not because I’ve added food coloring, but because the candy cane maker did and I don’t want to use the white canes. … More j’s Peppermint Cream Jones, huge Star