Christmas with You

Christmas Fairy Lights in the Window

“Christmas with You” YouTube Link

What is it about Christmas lights that make little children squeal with glee and grown-ups get their holiday groove on? I don’t put up a tree anymore, not even a fake tree, but lights? Plenty. They lift mood and help maintain it during the intense baking days.

When these first went up one night last week, I could hardly wait until the almost-three-year-old downstairs came home with family after church and looked up to the top floor of this house. I was not disappointed, either. Hannah truly jumped with joy, a lovely thing.

Here is another lovely thing. The daddy of the family who were my then downstairs neighbors when I first moved into this house a few years ago, has a beautiful tenor voice, an unschooled yet operatic capable gift. There were pianos upstairs and downstairs at the time. One regular house. Two families. Two pianos. Two singers.

Long story short. For Christmas 2011, I sat at my tinny piano and Andrew stood beside me, his family listening, while we recorded a song I wrote for Christmas in 1992. Andrew took the recording, spent half a night adding video bits, and the result, which I think is wonderful, is available for you to hear on YouTube if you click this link. It’s a cheerful song, and there are Christmas lights in it!

“Christmas with You” YouTube Link

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