New! Seasonal Lemon & Marionberry Butter Cookies

There were lots more in the garden in various stages of ripeness.

I was given a big handful of organic (i.e., grown in the family garden with no killer fertilizer) marionberries a few days ago while I was house and dogsitting. While I love the flavor of these berries, I do not love their big seeds so I saved them for a little baking project. Today I put them in a small pan with a bit of fresh lemon juice and sugar, brought them to a boil, then smashed the berries and strained all the delicious juice from them. The resulting marionberry sauce was divine, with a couple tablespoonsful on a defrosted mini raspberry scone* and the rest into the new cookie batter.

Window shot of marionberry-colored orchid at dogsitting house

The cookie batter was a pale pink, naturally, so I dipped them in a mix of crystal-tinted sparkling sugar as befits a butter cookie. While the batter was in the fridge chilling for the bake later in the afternoon, I watched Sunday’s recording of Max Verstappen winning the Dutch Formula 1 Grand Prix in Zandvoort, the Netherlands. (I’m partial to Dutch since my maternal grandmother was 100 percent Dutch, and I am one-quarter stubborn.)

Did I mention I’d made them for a lady with a birthday on Labor Day? She’s fond of my cookies.

*I had a go at a mini version of my raspberry scone** recipe a week ago for the ladies with whom I play Mahjongg on some Sunday afternoons. As per my new method of copying from Google Translate the Chinese word(s) onto a card to identify the item I’ve baked, the photo:

Mini raspberry scones with lemon glaze were a hit.
Bee happy

**I used my recipe in the linked post below, but made them much smaller for the Mahjongg group, tea size. As a result, instead of 6 or 8 big scones, there were 14 or 15 and it was necessary to use two baking trays. I froze the extras for breakfasts or shortcakes.

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