New! and New! Salted Caramel Brown Butter Cookies & Double Caramel Wich

Plain, with Sparkling Sugar, with Salted Caramel Frosting inside the Wich

My readers know that when a cookie idea engages my brain, the oven will get some work, although in the heat of summer, it’s early in the morning with the stove fan going full blast.

The impetus was a browned-butter caramel butter cookie and some penuche caramel frosting in the freezer needing thaw and use. The result? Less sugar for those who prefer less sugar but full flavor. Sugar for the classic expectation of a butter cookie. Mind-blowing Wich is out of this world after a day of mellowing to let the creamy frosting soften the cookie sandwich. Perfect blend of sugar and salt. For the penuche lovers in my family, this will fullfil a dream.

I only used half the dough, too, so the “freezer test” could be done. Since the dough has a caramel stage, I’m not sure if it will pass the test. Next week I will undertake the second bake and then update the post with the result. Fingers crossed because the first test was 100%.

Bee happy

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