New! Definitely Gooey Lemon Chews

In their splendor

I named these “Vaguely Lemon Gooey Chews” when I invented them in January, but have now perfected them to Definitely Lemon made for a visit with doctor and nurses. I sent most of the earlier batch to my mother, who asked for the recipe but will not be getting it as I have learned to guard my recipes for original artisan cookies from poachers. I still dream of little outlet cookie shops* in apartment complexes to carry all the lines of special cookies I’ve originated, so I guard my recipes like a hawk.

Lady Lolita VandenBug approves these Definitely Lemon Gooey Chews

*Originally, I wanted little bakery shops on the ground floor in the large senior housing apartment complexes, but now in my dreamscape, they’re outlets! and no longer limited to seniors. The COVID lockdowns, the fact that I can no longer physically bake all day and since the word “co-packer” entered my vocabulary from watching Shark Tank, outlets is much more sensible. I’d always intended a commercial bakery would supply the shops with most of the cookies and the dough-to-go packages from my recipes anyhow. And now, there are chewy lemon and peanut butter** gooeys to add to my original product lines. I don’t have the shops, but keep creating cookies for them!

Bee happy


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