New! Put the Lime in the Coconut Snick

Can you hear the song in your mind’s ear? Well, I heard it in mine. I had a couple limes in the fridge. “Put the lime in the coconut” had filed itself into my memory and when I toasted some coconut for a carrot cake (with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting, oh my!) earlier this week, the decision was made. Make a new and original Snick, add rainbow sprinkles for Pride month.

I mixed the rainbow sprinkles with medium-size sanding sugar, didn’t want to overwhelm the top and underappreciate the cookie beneath.

My mother’s 93rd birthday is coming up on the 6th of July and I will not be available for cookie-making that week, so she’s going to get her Priority Mail tin of favorite cookies a couple weeks early. She won’t mind a bit. In addition to a dozen of my new Lime & Coconut Snicks, she will be so happy to find Golden Lemon Butter Cookies, a dozen Definitely Gooey Lemon Chews and a half-dozen Chocolate Chip Date Walnut Chews, also known as All-Ins.

Birthday Tin full of my specialty Cookies for my mother

I didn’t neglect the gratitude cookies for the chaps in the Post Office, my Hyde Shuttle drivers or a doctor this week either. It was a busy baking day, the last for several weeks.

Yep. 4 kinds of cookies baked today.
Bee happy

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