New! Orange Cream Gooey Chews

Orange Cream Gooey Chews

One of my Chinese lady friends from Sunday afternoon mahjongg offered up oranges last week as we were exchanging small food gifts per custom. I’d made a batch of my Definitely Lemon Gooey Chews* to share and announced that I’d make a gooey chew using oranges for our next afternoon. One lady asked if the cookies would be bitter from the orange zest and I assured her they would not. They are also definitely creamy, ergo the new name. Orange cream, oh yes! I think I’m going to need to rename the whole line of these cookies as they are all creamy along with chewy, gooey and flavorful. Picture walking into my little cookie shops and asking for a Definitely Orange Cream Gooey Chew, please.

Mrs. Singh’s garden at the Manor
Cookies just fell from the oranges
Bee happy.


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