Happy Birthday to Best-Selling Author


We’ll be having this:

Chocolate Shortcake with Berries & Cream

Recipe is here:


Bee happy

Maria is definitely having a happy birthday. Her first published book, Crown Jewels, The Akasha Records, Book1 is #1 on Amazon in the category Alchemy, written for young adults and ordered by many adults including those taking her companion course “30 Days of Authenticity” on the Intention Inspired website. I’m indescribably proud of her.

One thought on “Happy Birthday to Best-Selling Author

  1. Ms Chef!! You really know how to make someone’s day special! These look amazing. And I have bought both the paperback and Kindle edition of her books and am loving it. 90% through it and can’t wait for Book 2! What a beautifully written introduction to the world of spirit! Congratulations to you both!!


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