Leftover penuche frosting? Put it on Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake

Featuring vintage serving gadget

I admit it. I wanted to put the really, really old Albers Flapjack Flour – Peacock Buckwheat Flour serving gadget* in a pic so I took a photo of a slice of cake!

One of my nieces says there’s never leftover frosting at her house, which could mean that there’s a deep layer of it atop a cake or that the leftovers get eaten with a spoon. For me, a cup of leftover frosting is quickly put into a freezer container for a use such as this.

Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake** is not an oddity from my kitchen, rather it’s almost a regular feature, but the topping may be a crumble, a glaze or a frosting. Turns out that penuche frosting goes extremely well with this easy cake. (Recipe in link below.)


*I don’t actually use the flapjack turner, which is what I think was its original purpose along with advertising for Albers and Peacock’s flours. I’ve seen them for sale (and sold) on Etsy and eBay and noticed that mine precedes those seen because it was made before application to the U.S. Patent Office. I do “heart” mine, though, so it stays.



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