Peanut Butter & Maple Butter Cookies

The secret ingredient isn’t all that secret

One day I was looking at the menu of a local Ballard cafe which sells biscuits either plain or topped with various sweet and savory items. I thought that I saw a peanut butter and maple spread amongst those items and decided to give the flavor-duo a try with my Peanut Butter Butter Cookies. They went over very well with seven different “testers,” including my mother as part of the Mother’s Day goodies which I mailed to her.

On further checking, post successful cookie experiment, I didn’t see a peanut butter and maple spread at the Biscuit & Bean, but thought that I did. This particular biscuit shop offers separate peanut butter and maple butter as spreads. My culinary brain put them together for this cookie, and upon blog post review, I note that Seattle’s Biscuit Bitch does offer a peanut butter maple spread, so I give credit where credit is due.

Bee happy, 2020.

My culinary brain apparently pushed me to try something else with the same flavors a few years ago:

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