Cranberry-Raspberry Coffee Cake with Orange-Raspberry Glaze


There was leftover berry filling from the extravagant birthday cake* made a few days ago and I’m not one to waste leftover goodness. The question was how to use it and I’ve wrestled with ideas because I didn’t want to just make a repeater and I didn’t want it to sink if I put it in the middle of a coffee cake.

The decision was to put the berry filling in a piping bag and pipe it over the crumble in the middle of a cranberry and cinnamon-spiced coffee cake batter layer, then use the offset spatula to carefully spread on the remaining batter. Fingers were crossed as it went in the oven that it would not turn into a gummy mess. (It didn’t.)


I used a couple tablespoons-full of the berry filling along with orange juice for the glaze.

Most flavorful coffee cake ever. Cranberry-cinnamon. Raspberry. Orange.


This morning’s Seattle sunrise shot from the window inspired me to bake:


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