Smookie Marshookie Fold-overs

An experiment in gooeyness is all this is. A low-fat, chewy chocolate chip cookie with a marshmallow baked onto the top of it. Variations on this theme are called smookies and marshookies because they’re a takeoff on those wretched campfire things made with graham crackers, squares of milk chocolate and a freshly-roasted marshmallow. I thought about buying some graham crackers to go on top the cookie batter and underneath the marshmallow, but that’s all it was, just a thought because I have no further use for graham crackers until Christmas baking and they’d go stale by then.

You name it.

They’re not easy to remove from the parchment, so look what happened? Fold-overs. A sort of marshmallowed-up chocolate chip sandwich. Chewy, melty, gooey, sweet, fun in just 9 1/2 minutes.

Making of smookie marshookie fold-overs
Don’t mind me.

3/5/19 update: Someone suggested: never mind folding them over for a gooey mess. Just slam two cookies together and voila!

BTW: reheated one of those fold-overs this morning for 4 seconds in the microwave. Oh, yeah. Smookie Marshookie, a new friend.

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