Brownies with Slightly Minty Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting (a little bit gray)


Readers know that I don’t waste leftover frosting! There was about a cupful of the purple-gray (strong) mint cream frosting not needed for the octopus birthday cake* after the octopus’s tentacles were piped onto the cake, and I decided that the leftover would be used atop a batch of brownies. My thought was that brownies themselves would be attractive enough as an option to overlook the color of the frosting.

Since the birthday girl’s actual birthday in the 19th and since brownies improve with a day of maturation, I made two pans of them last night, one for the family dinner birthday and the other to share in the hood. I melted some chocolate and added a couple tablespoons of cream cheese and a bit more confectioner’s sugar so the frosting would be less minty and not quite as gray. Next, a bit of disguise with some pastel green drizzle and finished.

Green “Sweat Bee” with ladybug friend


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