Never-ending Experiments with Cinnamon Biscuits, Now with Cranberries and Butter Tops

Yep, the butter pat on top did its work beautifully in 12 minutes.

Yep, I can’t help myself. My versions of cinnamon buttermilk biscuits began with a mere cinnamon-sugar sprinkle on the top of a biscuit, then a sprinkle in the middle and and top. The last experiment introduced a small pat of butter in the middle underneath the cinnamon sugar to test whether the biscuit could be divided into halves instead of pieces. It worked just fine, but I wondered what would happen from putting a small pat of butter on the top of the biscuit. Specifically, I wondered if it would be an even more tasty and crunchy top (and with dried cranberries in the batter.)

❤ Buttery, cinnamon-y & crunchy biscuit. ❤

My answer: yes. Crunchy, buttery and cinnamon-y. Love them and today I made two to test whether the crunch will survive freezing and reheating in the microwave tomorrow morning. Perhaps I’ll remember to update this post with answer. [Update: yes, indeed. Not as crunchy as they were fresh out of the oven, but still with crunch on the top after microwaving, and definitely still mmm-mmm.]

The next experiment depends on that answer: making the full six biscuits into cinnamon goodness. Since the secret to biscuits is speedy delivery of dough to baking sheet and into the oven, I’ve only been making one cinnamon biscuit (until today) and five plain ones because valuable time for activation of the baking powder is used to divide the dough and apply the goody and still have fluffy and light results after they’re baked for 12 minutes. Flat and heavy biscuits must be avoided!

Again, my recipe for basic super-duper fast buttermilk biscuits is here:

Spring has sprung in neighbor’s yards & my heart.

Flower garden photo on top today because most folks know what a biscuit, even with cinnamon sugar, looks like.

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