Apricot Poodles & Date-Walnut Chews


When my family lived in Tacoma on my grandmother’s little farm from the time I was in 2nd grade through 9th grade, my mother — with the aid of Velda and her kennel across the street — raised apricot poodles with black points. (We also had German shepherds, but that’s another story.) Lots of folks prefer poodles because they’re so smart and make great service and companion animals, but sometimes people’s choice is amusing. One of her first sales was to a lady who wanted two miniature apricot poodles to match her lampshades. Not kidding.


Long story short. Mother has now had an apricot poodle — of sizes ranging from teacup to toy to miniature — in her house ever since she returned from work and adventures abroad, and she will love this tin, never mind the healthy, walnut-heavy chewy date bar cookies I baked this morning and will mail this afternoon for arrival in her mailbox tomorrow. It will be a tossup which will draw the bigger ooooh.

Silver among the gold


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