Cranberry Lolly & Orange Scones, Now with Sweetened Condensed Milk


The last of the can of sweetened condensed milk — around 2 Tablespoons used in substitution for sugar and part of the milk — has helped to turn the apartment into a lovely, fragrant morning space. I went to the store yesterday to acquire the orange, then reached into the fridge this morning for a jar of my Cranberry Lolly* to make these favorite fluffy scones.

I use my super-fast biscuit recipe** for scones, usually turfing out the dough onto a plate and dividing the round into sections. Today I just drop-biscuited the dough straight onto the baking sheet, giving the normal shape a pass for convenience’s sake. While they were baking for 11 minutes, I made some quick fresh orange icing which went on as soon as the scones were decamped from the hot pan. A sprinkle of chopped dried cranberries atop and voila! Warm scones for breakfast and one to take to Sylvia later.

My fave staghorn sumac tree, now in fall colors, cranberry-colored berries



Recipe addendum: The normal change in my biscuit-to-cranberry-orange scones is this: zest the whole orange on the grater that grabs your knuckles if you’re not careful. Put 3/4 of that zest and the juice of half the orange into the milk-oil-egg mix. Use some of the remaining fresh juice and all the remaining zest to stir up a quick frosting of with a cup of powdered sugar and 2 teaspoons butter.

Usually these biscuits take 15 minutes which includes preparation and bake time. These take just a few minutes longer for the flavor treat and, of course, the frosting.

The staghorn sumac and its palm tree friend


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