Speedy Baking Powder Biscuits Made with Sweetened Condensed Milk & Full Moon

Biscuit dough looks okay

There’s a half can of sweetened condensed milk left over from Emergency Brownies* a couple days ago, and unlike the days when I stirred it into cups of coffee in an early upscale coffee shop in Bahrain from behind the counter as a 16-year old, I lost my taste for coffee sweetened in that fashion, so other uses needed to be found for that milk.

Yep, they rose, got fluffy and perfectly tender.

I was going to make a batch of my super-speedy, double-sized, buttermilk baking powder biscuits** anyway, so I substituted a couple tablespoons of the goo for the sugar and part of the liquid. You never know when you substitute ingredients in a familiar and successful recipe for a baked item if the new version will fail, approximate or even replace the old version. It worked perfectly this time, in approximation. I have a plan for the remainder of that goo, too, but it requires a trip to the store. See me in a couple days. Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse at the full moon from my screen-covered window tonight.




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